Oh, All The Places You’ll Go

Hello everyone, my name is Meka Al Taqi-Brown (Al Taqi-Brown is my last name lol). I am a junior at Eastern Illinois University with journalism major and a advertising minor. Writing is something that I like to do on my free time. I also already have my own blog. But have not written in it for a while because I have been busy. But another thing that I enjoy doing is traveling. Which brings me to what my topic will be for my blog. Traveling. I havent been to many different places yet, but I would like to do research to places and plan out where I want to go when I do actually travel. And with this blog, I will be able to help give an update to my readers about what I find, and also a few tips.

The main point of doing this blog is to plan ahead and know where I want to go when the time comes. It will also be helpful because along the way of me describing the cities and countries I want to visit, there will be tips, hacks, and even videos and pictures that can show the process of traveling and also where each place is exactly. I already have a few places set up in my head, and would be excited to show you all where I want to go. But this blog isnt all about me, its about you all aswell. I will happily take down places and research them for you all and make post about them. Who knows, we may have some of the same places we want to travel in common.

Here are just a few ideas for places to travel according to U.S. News. : Places to Travel

Hope this blog is interesting to you all and informational.

Till Then,

Meka A.B.



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