Feminism and Why it Matters

Hey Guys! my name is Torri Griffith and I am a sophomore here at Eastern Illinois University. I am a journalism major and an English minor. I am 19 years old and I am from the west side of Chicago. I am setting up this blog post for my Journalism class and in this blog you will find many issues dealing with the topic of feminism, what it is, why it matters, and the different issues dealing with feminism.


FEMINISMWHAT it is. WHY it matters.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie who is a popular feminist from Africa defines the term feminism as “a person who believes in the social, economic and political equality of the sexes”. But feminism is so much more than that, and deals with more issues other than social, economic and political issues. In todays society, women are growing very rapidly, we are getting better educations, higher paying jobs, we are investing in our looks more, and the most important thing that is happening is that we are getting rid of those submissive roles that the past has set upon us and we are doing things that makes us happy and things that benefit us.

Although we are growing in many ways, we still do not get as much respect as we deserve. Lack of feminism and equality of the sexes is a main stream issue that is often overlooked because when most people hear the word “feminism” they relate it to the negative connotation that the society has given it. When many people hear the word feminism they think of women who are angry rebels who are possibly lesbians and want to over throw men and do other stupid things. But gladly that is not the case. When you are a feminist you are just regular people, MEN and women, who are trying to get women the rights and equality that they deserve.

Issues that I want to talk about regarding feminism are job statistics, cultural appropriation with African American female styles, international issues such as marriage and religion, abortion rights, and I want to possibly go into the history of women and go into topics such as the Womens Suffrage Movement and the lives of women before our time.


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