Spring complementary colors

dress clothes mint miranda kerr maxi dress wrap dress handbag sandals celebrity

There are one or two colors that are in trend for every season. You will be able to notice the colors because they are usually pretty dominate in the retail stores, online, in magazines and on celebrities. This year’s colors include minty turqouises blue and this is usually paired with a coral peachy orange. These colors are a combination of cool and warm colors so they cover the color spectrum. They are also complementary colors so they are placed directly opposite of each other on the color wheel so they nature work well with one another. This picture demonstrates how you are suppose to wear the colors. One color should be more dominant and should take majority of the clothing while the second color should be an accent color. However one of the colors should be more vibrant while the second color is more subtle so there isn’t a visual clash. When you have two very bright colors in one outfit they fight one another and the wearer will become the victim while if the two colors are both subtle then the look becomes a snooze fest and the wearer becomes a boring blog. Actress Miranda Kerr wears this beautiful wrap maxi dress which accentuates her waist and gives her movement because of the flowy lightweight material of the dress. The purse brings the coral into the outfit and becomes a much needed accent to the outfit. I recommend everyone uses there combination of colors in their wardrobe in someway or another.


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