Revlon is my favorite drug store make up brand. I like it so much because you can find it everywhere. Also it is so affordable. I really like there bronzer because it does a good job with contour and sculpting my face. Also it is the right shade for my face which is hard to find with lower end make up. I really like there lipsticks. I think they have the best lipsticks at the drug store. They have a lot to pick out of. They also have a couple of finishes to pick from too like matte or cream finish.

It is really hard to find lower end make up that is really good. But I think think Revlon deserves a lot of credit because they have some real quality that is hard to find at the drug store. It saves a lot of money when I find brands like that with quality because the high end brands are so expensive and some times its better to get a lower end version of it because you go through it so quickly like lipstick.



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