Old shirts and dresses = new skirts

It sometimes hard to part ways with clothing items because once they have been in your closet for more than a year they become a part of your family. Clothing is not just clothing but the memories you create will you wear them so the physical piece of clothing my represent a friendship or a success story. In order to buy new items you have to get rid of a few of the preexisting items. If you have clothing that is taking up space in your closest but you can’t let it go you can easily re purpose the item. If you have a long sleeve paid collared button-down shirt can be transformed into a skirt simple by putting the top around your waist and button the shirt all the way down so your goodies are covered. Then tuck the collar inside and then tie the sleeves together in the front to create a bow-like shape. Another way to create a skirt it taking a maxi dress that is sleeveless and has an entire elastic top that is either too short as a dress or is nor flattering. All need to do is to step into the maxi dress and place the elastic top around your waist if the waist is really thick then fold it down twice. This is no sowing required and instantly you have a new maxi skirt.


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