Mortal Kombat X

Unbelievably fun game, Mortal Kombat X has finally hit the shelves and it is such a fun game. I mean it is still pretty brutal but oh so fun. Of course we still have the classic combat character in Scorpion and Sub-Zero and some new ones like Cassidy Cage, Jackie and even the one and only Jason Voorhies. I’m not kidding, players get to play the mad killer of Crystal lake himself.

I’ve only paid a few hours of the game and I have not touch the main story mode yet but it is so much fun to play. It is by far the most bloodiest game in the mortal combat franchise but it get the blood going, no pun intended. It great to play as some of my old favorite characters like Scorpion against Liu Kang, but these new characters are pretty cool as well, and the fatalities are brutal as hell.

There is still a lot of features on the game that I have to look into but so far, this game is awesome. I would give it a 10 out of 10, would play again.


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