Layered bracelets and bangles

Jewelry is a light obsession that I can honestly admit because no matter how many bracelets I already own It will never be enough. Jewelry, like fashion, has its own trends where certain types of jewelry is very popular and highlighted in several outfits. One of the hot trends for jewelry are the layering bracelets so it looks like the owner is wearing 3-4 bracelets when she only has one on piece of jewelry. This trend has caught on like wildfire because the layering of chain with colorful thread around them creates its own print and color texture that has not been done like it before. Yes you can wear 3 separate chains but the key is to connect them  and creating one gorgeous piece of jewelry instead of 3 cute pieces. In order to make your own bracelets you need one chain with wide links, one chain with thin links, a colorful thread, a pair of pliers, two links and a clasp. This can be found at a local arts and craft store. Make sure you measure the chains so they comfortable fit around your wrist then tie the thread around one side of the first link then take the second chain even the two chains then wrap the thread around sides that both touch. You are basically weaving the two chains together with thread. Once they are together, knot the other end, cut the access, attach the two extra links to both ends and the clasp to a side. This take a little effort but it will save you money that can go to gas, lunch, library printing or my favorite Java Bakery and coffee cafe.


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