House shows are dirty and gross, but they rule

Like most of the “punks” of Champaign-Urbana, I lived in a house show once upon a time.  Dan Aykroyd’s House we called it for some reason, and it was Terror House before that and Error House before that.  Filling 100 people into a basement that was probably 15 feet wide and 25 feet long to watch bands play as the ceiling fell in around them was the goal, and it was happening at least three times a month in the good ol’ days.

Living in a show house was fantastic (minus the obvious mess), but it took its toll on me and my roommates.   We were all pretty glad when we moved out, but sadly I don’t think the Champaign-Urbana house show scene has been the same since, but it still rules.

Led by Dingbat Dunegon and Thee Deathtower, house shows are still alive, rain or shine, snow or sweat, and they are still a ton of fun.  Despite the poor conditions that the houses that the house shows might be in, it is fun to be with the other “freaks” and let loose for a big.  Shows at bars and other places prohibit people from getting too crazy, so house shows are a great way to watch music that you actually care about being played by people that actually seem to care about you.

Plus, how could you not love this?


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