Get a pair of gladiators

Get yourself a pair of these edgy calve-length, black leather and gold metallic sandals at an A’agci clothing store.

When getting dressed deciding the top, bottoms and accessories shoes can become an after thought. However, they can seriously enhance or destroy an entire look so it is important to up keep your shoe game. For the spring the biggest shoe essential are gladiators. These sandals are inspired by the Roman warriors who wore these leather skin strappy sandals as a form of armor around their ankles, feet and calves. These sandals provide good ankle support which makes them more comfortable and durable especially when needed to walk throughout campus.

Gladiators comes in all different shapes, lengths, colors and fabrics but just like every shoe it needs to fit your foot, ankle and calve very well. So it is not super loose where the straps slowly sag around your foot or too tight to where it looks like it is checking your heart beat. Make sure you look for sandals one or two adjustable straps so the fit will be perfect. When wearing the sandals avoid jeans, leggings, floor length maxi dresses or skirts because the shoes will either be covered or will be competing with clothing that is underneath it. So I encourage you to wear them with high waisted shorts, skater skirts, form fitting jersey dresses and high low dresses because your legs will have more space to showcase the sandals.


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