The most important thing to do when you do your make up is the eyebrows. Many people forget this part but it makes the most difference. Once you start to do it there is no going back. All you have to do is buy eyebrow powder and a little brush and then shade them in so they look more full. It really frames the face. It makes the face look more structured.

I use a powder from Sephora. It was a little bit more pricy but it is worth it because it really is the right shade for my eyebrows. When you get the eyebrow powder from the drug store it tends to not be the exact right shade. When it is not the exact right shade then it makes the whole face look off. When people do not do not shade them in at all then there is definitely something missing. It looks bad because when you put heavy eye makeup on then it looks like there is nothing to frame it and then it looks like you don not have eyebrows at all.



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