Do it yourself gladiators

Gladiators are undeniably in trend. The taller in length the more expensive they become which can easily total over $40. These sandals are the perfect shoe statement for any simple spring or summer outfit that needs an extra element but the cost is something college student really have to consider. They are essential for outfits but paying over $40 for a pair of sandals is unnecessary damage to a students bank account. But thanks to a lovely app called pinterest there is a way to recreate your gladiator scandals for half the cost. All you will need is a pair of regular thong sandals and approximately 3ft of fabric. When I created my scandals I used silk material because it is soft and easier to move and shape and I suggest print fabric because it is different and more visually interesting. In order to create your gladiators you need to follow four easy steps.

1. Take the fabric and put it underneath the center of the sandal and pull the ends so they are even then tie the material in to a knot.

2. Take one end of the material and wrap it neatly around one of the legs of the flip-flop sides until it is completely covered.

3. Repeat step number 2 on the other leg of the flip-flop with the second piece of fabric.

4. wrap the fabric around your ankle in any desired pattern.

when you do it yourself you can ensure that it provides adequate ankle support, fits your foot proper and matches perfectly with the outfit of choices. I believe the biggest benefit is the very inexpensive price.


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