David Carson, Multimedia Journalist





9/11 10th Anniversary

Carson covered the 10th anniversary of 9/11 by shooting photos as well as creating a video consisting of time-lapse photos, video interviews and b-roll. He is able to balance his time between taking many photos and recording video interviews.


Cardinals fans giving Cubs fans advice

Pretty self-explanatory.  Fans of the Lovable Losers taking advice from an actual winning team.


deathontherails3 DeathOntheRails2 DeathOntheRails1

Death on the Rails

David Carson teamed up with Todd Frankel to create a three-part story on death by train.  Carson took photos to accompany Frankel’s print piece and created a video which included b-roll, interviews and photos.



Haunt Show

A Halloween and Attraction show, Carson created a short video consisting of footage showing what the environment looked like.  He also took photos.

Iraq1 Iraq2

Iraq (2004)

Carson takes photos in Iraq, what is obviously a dangerous place.



Reporting for Duty

An interactive bit of Adobe Flash, Carson and reporter Phillip O’Connor followed a group of Army recruits when they first set foot at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri until nine weeks later when they graduated. To me, it was a comprehensive look at Army training.




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