DareDevil: Marvel’s next hit show

DareDevil, Marvel’s latest show, is perhaps Marvel’s smartest move against DC’s popular shows on network tv. The bad news is that it is only only Netflix, but It makes me want to get a subscription solely for that reason alone.

The show was released early April with all 13 episode released all in one day. Now it took a while to watch every single episode but in the end, it was so worth it. This is the start of Marvel’s latest team up, The Defenders, with all new heroes. The show also builds up the development of DareDevil into the hero is even though though the series he clear denies that he is a hero and that he is only doing what he does in order to help save Hell’s Kitchen (sounds like a hero to me but I digress).

The show is rated TV_MA and it is just brutal. This is like any other Marvel show or movie because make no mistake, people will die on this show, a lot of people in the most brutal ways possible. This show is really good and way better than the movie version and I can’t to see what marvel as in store for these Netflix shows


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