customize your shorts

Blue Jean shorts have been a staple in American style for decades however with each year they evolve. This year the trick is having the pockets on the butt are a different material and usually have a summery prints. These pockets are an unpredictable surprise and ultimately give your shorts personality. The stores capitalize on these small amount of new fabric by charging an extra 20 to 30 dollars on top of the original price which is ridiculous but ladies let not be scared of a needle and thread. You can make as many pairs as you desire but all you need is fabric,pen, scissors, needle and thread. Basically take the fabric and place it over the pockets and trace the shape with a pen then cut it out. Once you have the shape I recommend trimming the outer edges and cut it into strips of material. This strips will makes the design look even more complicated than it is and then find the matching color of thread and begin to hand the material onto the jeans. Another trick when customizing a pair of jeans is finding a spool of trims preferable lace or intricate no longer than an inch. From there you flip the jeans inside out and hand sow the trims underneath the hem. This another simple way to make your jeans your own and stylish without emptying your bank accounts.


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