What you should do this summer?

Over the summer people say they just want to relax and be with family. That stuff is all nice but I say a summer job is something more important. With this job it can lead you into doing more thing you can do for next school year. Money is very important at school and I think people need to have a job. The amount of money that you spend at school and the older you get the less you want to ask for money from your parents.

Get a summer job that you can make flexible hours, so you can hang out with your friends. Having fun with summer is something that is nice but not every day you are hanging with your friends. I worked as a cashier and I got flexible hours and it was nice. Over the summer though at the start of the year I worked for Indy car and I got the most of my money from. Get your job right away because at the start of the summer vacation people are hanging out with their families and thats the best time to get your most of the bad hours out of the way. I started as cashier I was getting terrible hours but then I got to pick my hours.

Summer jobs are important and suck but you get money that you can spend for next year.


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