What you need in your dorm room?

For your room in the dorms there are things that you really need a few things when at college. I am going to be talking about a few things other than your bedding and your books and backpacks and clothes but the little things you need.

First you need is a fridge and microwave in your room. I am putting these two things together because they go together. If you fridge something you might might need to microwave it. But I just lost my fridge and you never really know how much you need it till you don’t have it. Its pretty important for a room to have a nice cold drink or some other kinds of food. Then a microwave is important to make things in your room such as food.

Posters are another important thing for your room. First thing it puts like a mood to you room off of what posters you have in your room. Like people can get to know you from what you hang up in your room. Plus it keeps your room volume down a ton more with your voice bouncing off the walls. Another thing is you don’t want to look at all white in your room you might go crazy.

You will need a TV and some kind of system in you room. This keeps you entertained when bored and its a great stress reliever in your room. If you want to relax you can just turn on the TV and not just in boredom.


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