What Ive learn so far in my college career.

With my underclassman years ending I have learned a few things about being at school. I have done some things that I really regret and then I have done things that I am proud of during this school year.

Some things that I have fault at is not doing all of my assignments when they are assigned to me. I should start doing things sooner rather than waiting till the last minute. I think everyone has that issue but I have struggled with that. Another thing is spread my time with all my classes also. I have put more time in some classes than others and it shows with my grades.

Things that I am proud of, is the classes that I did take very serious I learned the most out of them for my major this year. Learned to edit pretty well and how to shoot better video. Then I learned how to write about different events and talk to people at events to gain more information. Another thing is about who I became friends with and made connections that I will take advantage of in the future.

Overall it has been a big year with me and this summer I want to do self improvement so next year I am focused on everything that I am going to do.


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