What days are the best to go to the dining halls

The Dining Halls at EIU kind of vary each day you are here but here are a few tips that you can use on where you should eat. First thing I say is it all depends on what you really want. Each dining hall has a set of food that they always serve each day with Thomas always having pizza and pasta, with Taylor always having some kind of chicken, and Stevo always having sandwiches available.

I saw Taylor normally has the best food because they have good out items other than the chicken and makes a good combinations. Thomas on the other hand is majority of the time pretty bad because if you aren’t in the mood for pizza that pretty much all they have. Then with Stevo has pretty good food at times also with breakfast being served till 2 and who doesn’t enjoy a nice sandwich.

The only issue I know about is on the weekend all the food is pretty bad with Taylor being closed and by this point of the year you run out of Dining dollars pretty fast at Eastern. Weekends I say its best to have food in your room that you can make because that is normally your best bet after breakfast is done being served at Stevo.


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