The type of people you meet in college.

This is one of the biggest thing that will affect you in college for the better or the worse. Your friends at college unlike your high school friends will last you a life time. You see these friends every day during the school year. They put the most influence on you during your time in college and you have a few types of friends in college that you can have.

First type are the moderate party friends, these people sometimes go out during the week days but mostly go out during the weekend. These people are the friends that I am apart of because some times I do enjoy going out on the week days but most of the part I mostly want to stay in and do homework during the week but party during the weekend.

Next type, are the we came here to party during college. These types normally do pretty bad in school and party a ton of the time and when they do party they go hard. I say they normally do bad in school because they party during the week and makes them skip class and this making them miss points.

Final type, are the good ones. These kids stay in most of the time and when they do go out and party they only do it on big weekends. These kids are jealous of the party hard guys but they do really well in school.

All types aren’t bad and some of these aren’t so healthy. My next post I’ll talk about the type about how the party hard people and the good ones can be unhealthy in your life. College is about having fun and making mistakes but not making big mistakes that you can’t take back.


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