The Flash Recap

The first season of the CW’s, The Flash, is quickly wrapping up and I have to say, it has truly been an awesome season. Barry Allen is such a related character that it is harder not to be able to relate to the show in any way. In the show, we have seen Allen go up against the worst Central City has to offer as he tries to uses his newfound powers to locate the man responsible for his mother’s murder.

There have been plenty of nods to other DC hero, including but not limited to Green Arrow, The ATOM, Black Canary and other soon-to be named DC heroes. The first season has been nothing short of an excellent origin story for the Flash’s and it is a funny and light hearted counterpart to the CW’s other DC show, Arrow. The first season has only three episodes left tog the season and it has the Flash going against his most famous arch-rival, The Reverse-Flash. This is a showdown that has been building up since we first caught a glimpse of the Reverse Flash at the mid-season finale.

I cannot wait to see how this season will end. Will we see a truly epic showdown between the two speedsters, or will everyone’s favorite scarlet speedster have to face an enemy he never saw coming? I think what the creators have in mind for the season one finale is going to blow everyone away and it’s going to be awesome to see what they do.


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