The Flash: Believe in Grodd Reaction

I had just seem the latest episode of The Flash and, besides teases an eventually crossover with Arrow, showed the Scarlett speedster go against the intelligent Gorilla Grodd. Now the origin story for Grodd is a lot different in the comics, but it makes sense of what they did in the show. Originally, Grodd comes from Gorilla City, a place where as you guess it, apes rule. Since that origin story would have been a little too complicated to explain in an hour show, the creators went with genetic experiment gone rogue.

The episode also deals with a side plot when Iris West learns that her best friend is the Flash, and as to be expected, she is a little upset about that. As the Flash and the rest of S.T.A.R labs deals with Grodd, we are still puzzled as to what Harrison Wells , also known as the Reverse Flash has planned for the Flash. He ends the episode saying it’s time to go back home, meaning whatever he is planning is going to send him back into the future.

Overall, the episode was cool, but I feel a bit rushed. We really didn’t get to see much interaction between Grodd and Flash, usually there is some type of witty banter between the two, but seeing as both characters are still relatively trying to come into on their own, it might be in store for season two.


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