The Flash: Believe in Grodd guesses

Today’s episode of CW’s The Flash will have our lightning fast hero go up against a giant, talking, menacing…gorilla. yes, that’s right, The Flash is going to go one-on-one against Gorilla Grodd,one of Harrison Wells genetic creations. This will probably be one of the weirdest, yet must-see fight in the entire season. According to the preview, the Flash and his allies encounter Grodd while on the search for Harrison Wells, also known as Eobard Thawne also known as the Reverse-Flash. The preview also shows the giant gorilla known as Grodd speaking to the Flash and refer to Wells as his father, so it should be an interesting showdown being the two characters.

Grodd is one of Flash’s weirdest and most known villains in the DC universe and I can’t wait to see what the show’s creators do with this iconic Flash villain. What we do know is that Grodd will be completely CGI and this episode tonight will be much like his origin story as he first encounters the Flash. Here is a link to the preview of tonight’s episode:


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