Nelson Cruz

Since the season of 2009, Nelson Cruz has ben a force to be reckoned with, smashing at least 22 home runs each season. He started his career in 2005, but didnt become a full time starter until the ’09 season. He currently has 14 home runs this season, and we are only in the first week of May. Cruz spent last season in Baltimore belting a career high 40 homers; but this year he decided to take his talents to the city of Seattle in hopes for the teams’first playoff appearance in many years.

In an era that has come about the upbringing of steroids, Cruz proves that pure power is still out there. It was thought that his transfer to Safeco field would hurt his home run totals because of the wall distance. Cruz has worked his way past this, yanking 10 of these 14 homers at opposing teams’stadiums.

Seattle is in one of the toughest divisions in baseball, especially now that the Houston Astros are in first place, just the second year after transferring over to the American League West. With players like Mike Trout and Josh Reddick in their division, The Mariners have a long road ahead to make it to the playoffs.


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