NBA Playoffs

I am going to change it up and talk about the NBA. I really enjoy watching basketball and I am going to be adding my own two cents about the topic.

First I want to talk about is the Chicago Bulls. In years past after the Bulls win the first game against Lebron James they lose the series in 5 games. This year I think its much different with the Bulls being healthy and with having years past of disappointment. This Bulls team is experienced and has been injured bugged but now its different. The Cavs are the team with less players and the Bulls have to better bench. I think the Bulls are going to move past Lebron and go to the Finals this year.

The Bulls will be playing the the Warriors in the finals this year. The Warriors are the most exciting team to watch in the playoffs they are the best team and just fun to watch. Their fans get really into the games and have exciting players that can change a game with a few shots.

Overall this NBA playoffs have been the most exciting than years past and are a must watch along with the NHL playoffs as well. I see it being an all Chicago finals with the NHL and the NBA.


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