Living on Campus or Off in a house

This topic is about personal preference I think but there are pros and cons that I do want to talk about that could give you insight into where you want to go. So here are the pros and cons about living on campus or living off campus house.

Pros for on campus: Well you are on campus and everything is close to where you live. The location is big because when it gets cold outside you don’t have far to walk on campus. You have dinning halls all around campus. Food is everywhere near you and if you get hungry its right next to you. Another pro is your rooms are cleaned and don’t have to worry about much.

Cons for living on campus: You have to go by the rules in the dorm areas, you gotta follow what your RA is talking to you about. You don’t know everyone on your floor and they can take things from your room. This can be bad because you have no idea who took your things.

Pros for living off campus: You have your own room and own showers. You don’t have to deal with many people off campus, you only have the rules that you have in your house. You can eat what you want off campus and do what you want off campus.

Cons: You have to clean your house and that can be a pain in the butt. Your location can suck if you are off campus and when it gets cold you don’t want to leave for class at times.


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