Is this all for attention or just a cry for help?

Now, I don’t normally come across stories like this because my goal is to entertain and make you guys laugh, however this is something that shouldn’t be ignored.

Recently, former B2K singer Raz-B recorded a short video of himself driving and crying while telling people to remember him.

I, like many other viewers, have no clue whether or not this is a publicity stunt in order to get attention or if this is a cry for help. Either way, this video is very disturbing to watch.

In recent years, Raz-B has been involved in the media for scandalous problems relating to him seeking attention and they’ve raised questions about the stability his mental health, ranging from him participating in sex tapes to slicing his own wrists.

Well, regardless of what his reasons are for this…….video, I think someone in his family or social group needs to look into it, because as I don’t know the signs of suicide, this looks like a problem.


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