Hulk buster Armor and why it is AWESOME!!!

I know I’ve already talked about Age of Ultron but there is one thing I want to focus on first and that is Iron Man’s HulkBuster armor. I mean it is HUGE, which makes sense since it has to go one-on-one will something like the Hulk, but this thing has some massive power behind it.

Designed in the case that Hulk goes off the deep end, like in Age of Ultron, the armor was design as an even fighter against the green beast. I mean we can’t always count of Thor to come in and swing away. But it was seriously such a cool fight in the film and it made sense of how they brought it in the  movies since a lot of people where wondering how the hell Hulk fights Iron Man.

The suit is not like a typical Iron Man suit, since it requires multiple parts to be flown in separately and is like a suit of armor on top of a suit of armor. Now there is a link of most of the fight already on youtube before the films release and believe me it is only a small sample of the carnage that follows.

It is such an awesome fight that my only concern with it is that it doesn’t last longer. Check it out at the link here:


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