Greek Unity?

This is something on campus that its pretty rare at times to see. When this campus does have unity with all the Greek houses its on rare occasions, but when it does happen on this campus its something that is pretty impressive.

Our campus is so much fun and I think that all Greeks should have a big party once a year. This will take some planning but I feel like it would be good for everyone that we do this. One being that I have friends in other frats that I would enjoy partying with again and its awkward when you go party at other frat parties. The only time that you do get to party with them is when you are out somewhere and you run into them. Other schools have big parties with everyone and it would be cool if we had one.

The bad part though if I think about it is that it would either go two ways. One way would be pretty fun that I would want to have but I think it would be terrible. With everyone being angry at each other and doing stuff to piss the other off. There are big rivalries with all the houses, and this could lead to something bad happening.

I could hope one day that we could put our differences aside and have a good Greek unity day but it would take a long time to plan and I bet people will back away from it.


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