End of the Year struggle

At the end of college every year everyone gets stressed out about finals. But the spring finals are the worst thing because its close to summer and you got to move everything out. Its the end of the year and you won’t being seeing the people that you see everyday for the next three months. This part is hard because at the end you want to be hanging out with them not studying with them.

Next thing is hard is the part that you have to move everything out of your room. This part sucks because along with finals you got your parents asking you about school going and what to bring home. You need to bring everything back and unsure how you going to be able to go home. Plus you got to figure out when you can leave to go home. Planning around your schedule of finals and studying for them and packing is hard enough to do.

The one thing about the end of the year thats true is the stress will go away after a period of time. Less than one week then you can go relax and have fun but it feels like forever away.


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