EIU Greek Week Air Bands and Greek Sing Champs

These two events were at the end of Greek Week this year. These two events are just as important to Greek Weeks as winning tugs but these events aren’t about the muscle but the performance side of greek week. With dancing and singing and learning the moves and performing them. My fraternity has won these events two years in a row and these two are just as hard. With practices and taking time out of our school days to become perfect at these events.

We spent sever days and several hours practicing these events, with the moves and getting things all perfect before we perform. These are hard events because judges take points off for the performance. The hardest thing I think are the days leading up to the event and how everyone is stressed about the event and wanting to win. You don’t want to practice for the events but the outcome is so much sweeter knowing that you won. Winning this again this year was something incredible and worth the time and effort.


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