Do you trust your RA?

Your RA is a man that can screw you or be nice to you. There is no such thing as a nice RA because its their job to keep the peace in the dorm area. The only move you have to do is be nice to them at all times. They can make you do community service or fine you for what you do.

My freshman year I had alcohol in my room and my RA walked in unannounced. He saw it and told me to pour it out. Yes it sucked but it could have been much worse than what happened. He could have told on me and turn me in. But since I was only few people that were nice to him all the time he just said that I needed to pour it out.

My Ra got treated poorly by some of the people at times. This is bad because then he wouldn’t think twice about turning you in for something if you piss him off. I found that if you be nice he will be nice back to you. Just remember its their job and they get paid by the school to keep the peace on the floor and they can report you.


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