Cavaliers Injuries Problems

During the Cavaliers’ series against the Boston Celtics, Kevin Love sustained a harsh shoulder injury. He a torn labrum and bruised bones, giving him weeks of time on the injury list. If he can gain a quick recovery and the Cavaliers can make it to the NBA 2015 Finals, Love might have a chance to have an appearance. Love lead the team in three point field goals during the season, with just under a 37 percentage shot.

With the second loss of J.R. Smith due to a suspension from round one, the Cavaliers look to take on a challenge against the Chicago Bulls. Just like Kevin Love, Smith is the second leading three point shooter on the Cavs. In his first year on the Cavaliers, he has played a substantial amount of games that carried his team to the 2nd seed for the playoffs. The only downside is if these injuries harm the Cavaliers in years to come. Love and Smith are premier stars that have made names for themselves in just their first season on the team with a bright future to come.


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