Billy Donovan Leaves Florida

Billy Donovan has decided to leave the Florida Gators Basketball Team and take the head coaching job at Oklahoma City, for Kevin Durant and the Thunder. Both Durant and Russell Westbrook are close to their contracts expiring in the next few years and Donovan looks to take over with a clear goal set ahead. His lead goals ahead are trying to keep one, if not both of these players in his search for an NBA Championship.

Donovan has been the coach of the Florida Gators for nineteen years and made it to four National Championships. He made it to two consecutive Title winning games. He was offered a spot years back in 2007, but declined due to a pure love for NCAA basketball. Billy has shown pure knowledge and determination that is required by any NBA coach; especially a new upcoming presence in the league.

Florida still remains without a head coach and is still recovering from a big loss in Billy Donovan. With Donovan moving on to bigger and better things, Florida has starting interviews with many coaches and looks to keep their reign of terror going.


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