Ant-Man: end of Phase two

Marvel’s Ant-Man will end Phase two of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, and paved the way fro Phase three and Thanos. When I first heard about Ant-Man, my first thought was are you kidding me? A ant theme superhero with his own film, well I’m not going to watch it.

Well I was completely wrong and here’s why. Besides being the original avenger and creator of Ultron, Ant-Man is also a very powerful hero in his own right. The film features the second Ant-Man Scott Lang as a former thief trying to do some good by becoming the Ant-Man. Along the way he encounter his arch-nemesis, YellowJacket, who might I add has a very cool costume/ robotic suit.


I mean am I right? that is a sweet looking suit.

There is only a teaser and full trailer that is currently released but the film is due out in another few short months, and already the excitement is palpable. I mean this could be where the Civil War storyline gets started, which will continue to the next Captain America film, which starts off phase three. It should be one hell of ride for Marvel fans alike.


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