2015 Greek Week Tugs Championship

Tugs during EIU Greek Week is one of the most intense competitions of the week. Eight teams battle it out in a round robin bracket with a chance to show everyone else how powerful they are. For the past seven years, the fraternity of Sigma Pi has come in first place; but things seemed to take a turn this year. Lambda Chi Alpha was the last fraternity to win Tugs other than Sigma Pi eight years back, and have made it to the Finals each of the last three years, only to fall short.

This year the Lambda Chi rope welcomed five rookies, replacing half of the rope they lost from last year. After demolishing the first two rounds, both of these teams met yet again in the Finals this year. This time the playing fields were evenly matched after a poorly taken care of lane the last few years. Sigma Pi showed quick signs of glory as they dragged the men of Lambda Chi Alpha to the warning track within the first minute. Signs of life spurred from the boys in Green and Gold as they locked back tight on a stick, and held their ground for half a minute. Eventually they started to gain ground little by little and before anyone knew it, they had come back and pulled off an amazing victory over Sigma Pi.


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