What are Fraternities all about

Most people think that fraternities at Eastern are all about who can get the biggest party on campus and who has the most guys. I am here to say that there is more than just partying such as: athletics, school work, community service and building leadership.

Every fraternity promises that they will change you for the better but thats only kind of true. They give you a guide and keep you on track with everything at school. Its not just a social club but a better your self kind of organization. You put in as much as you get out from this organization from these other parts of the fraternity better your self.

For athletics it helps you stay in shape and keeps you on that competitive side of your self going. This helping you stress relieve from school and other issues. You are playing these sports with guys you hang with everyday and you enjoy playing sports with so it becomes great fun.

For your school work, they help you keep your grades up and keep you in good standing. If you aren’t in good standing with the fraternity then you can’t do all the fun stuff such as going to functions and participate more in the fraternity.

For many fraternities you got to do community service. This thing looks good on your resumes and makes you feel good about your self. This being a bit self improvement I feel like. With trying to help someone else and better yourselves.

Finally with building leadership, the more time you spend in the fraternity the more time you want to improve the house for the better. From this you want to become a leadership role in the house and these roles can help you grow up further more.

Next time you look at a fraternity, just don’t think about them always partying but its more than that. Every college kids parties during the weekend.


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