Triangl Swimwear

The biggest trend right now are Triangl Bathing Suits.They are made in Australia and are a beautiful creation. Not only do they come in the cutest styles, the colors go perfectly together. They are all so summery and very trendy right now. I just recently bought one myself. I got the bustier inspired bathing suit in hot pink because that is my favorite style. It ended up being around $90 which is a bit absurd for a bathing suit but they last forever. The fabric is neoprene which is also known as scuba diving material so they are built to last a life time and endure anything. There are three different styles that are offered:


This first style is a bandeau and it is neoprene material. The top has a zipper up the middle and they are supposed to stay on very well no matter what kind of activity you are engaging in. I would recommend this for those who like to just lounge around on the beach and get their tan on.

The next stlye is their most famous/expensive style and that is the bustier. It is the exact one I purchased and I love it. It stays on so well and even lifts you up a little. It looks good mixed with any other bottoms and is the best one in my opinion. it is priced at $90 plus tax.


The last style is the original triangle style. It is probably the most comfortable style because it fits like a regular bathing suit would and it doesnt fall off. This is reccomended for those who like to be more active while their in the sun. This style is around $80 plus tax.


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