The Chicago Cubs and Kris Bryant

Over the past 100 years, the Chicago Cubs have been a huge mocking for all of major league baseball. Since their last World Series victory, huge advances have taken place by mankind. Some of which include man taking flight for the first time; 16 teams were added to the MLB; the NHL, NBA, and NFL were all created, with Chicago teams winning championships in each of them; and radio and television were invented to broadcast the Cubs losing all these games.

This year seems to prove different for the Cubs with the new upcoming star known as Kris Bryant. He led this years’ spring training with 9 home runs, showing signs of stardom for this years’ regular season. The Cubs picked up multiple free agent transactions that look to lead the team to a potential playoff appearance.

So far this season, Kris Bryant has yet to hit his first home run, but has eleven runs batted in and looks to start the heat pretty soon. The Cubs have been talked about by many sports broadcasters as a candidate for the 2015 postseason and have began a solid start to the season.


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