Stephen Curry MVP

Stephen Curry was well deserving of the MVP award that was bestowed upon him. Stephen was averaging around 23.8  points per game, 4.3 rebounds, 7.7 assists and some of the most excellent displays a professional athlete in the NBA has displayed in years.

Curry has been in the MVP running all season and with his personal and teams’ success their is no doubt he earned the award. Along with the help of some of his teammates like Klay Thompson, Andrew Bogut, Draymond Green and David Lee, Steph Curry has lead his team to the playoffs this year in the Western Conference Finals as the number one seed. He is the first player on the Warriors since Wilt Chamberlain to win MVP since 1960.

He broke the single season record for most three pointers made with 286; surpassing the previous record also held by himself of 272. Steph continues to show improvement through every game, with signs of a future hall-of-famer. During this record setting season, the Warriors also achieved a franchise record 67 wins, which was on five short of the all-time NBA single season record.

The Warriors are now onto the second round of this years’ playoffs, after destroying the New Orleans Pelicans in a four game sweep. They now hold a 1-0 series lead over the Memphis Grizzlies and look to soon make it all the way to the Western Conference Finals.


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