NFL Draft

The NFL Draft was one for the books this year as the number of first-Round Trade Ups fell to zero and the lowest it has been in the past 5 years. As it goes whenever drafting occurs there are great picks and worrisome picks. Along with the draft returning to Chicago the best three picks were decided after the third day. The 6th pick in the draft, pass rusher, defensive end, Leonard Williams was drafted to the New York Jets and was by far the best pick of the draft.

On the second day Landon Collins, Safety, drafted 33rd overall by the New York Giants. Collins was the best safety available, but ninth pick overall that day. The Giants scored a steal in the draft, in 2015 the impact of the defensive players from the NCAA had on the draft were not as advertised in the media as say the two quarterbacks Winston and Mariota. DeAndre Smelter WR, drafted 132nd overall by the San Fransisco 49ers was the best pick on the 3rd day and best pick that late in the draft he has a lot of potential and has great hands with amazing speed. The 49ers will be able to use him on special teams along with their offensive schemes.


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