Kentucky Players Enter the Draft

The 2015 national Championship was a game to remember for years to come. The Wisconsin Badgers pulled out a huge victory against the Kentucky Wildcats, who were taken as an underdog before the matchup began.

Even though the Wildcats did not have the ending they were hoping for, an astronomical seven players have declared their entry into the 2015 NBA draft. The draft will be taking place on the 25th of June, and looks to feature dozens of future starts for the league.

Some of the top notch starts from Kentucky include Karl-Anthony Towns, Willie Cauley-Stein, Trey Lyles and Devin Booker; all locked in on their first round projections. Willie Cauley-Stein is a unique individual in the fact that he completed three years of college at the University of Kentucky before declaring his entry into the NBA draft. He stands at a massive 7 feet tall, with an arm span like many have not seen before. Kentucky was favored to win the entire tournament, with a huge reason because of this man.

The rest of the Kentucky team proves to bring a huge class to the NBA that will shake the grounds which current athletes stand on. It will be an interesting 2015-2016 season from every angle of players, new and old.


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