Jordans: The Most Popular Sneaker

Micheal Jordan arguable the best basketball player in the world, came out with his signature brand Jordan brand. Like other brands Jordan released all type of apparel for the world to buy and wear. His most successful apparel are his sneakers. Michael Jordan began to sell his famous sneakers through the mid 80s and began to make a killing in the shoe industry. Jordans today are the most popular and top selling shoe, not just in America but around the world. China is where all of the Jordans are made and where Jordans are mainly purchased.

All of Michael Jordans shoe come with a specific name and number to identify the specific shoe. For example, in one of Michael Jordans historic games the “flu game” Jordan scored 38 points while battling a terrible flu. The shoes he wore that game are called the “flu game” 12s which symbolizes that specific game. Jordans will continue to be a multi million dollar business and will continue to make an impact in the shoe industry.


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