FIFA World Cup

In 2014, Germany showed pure dominance and won it’s fourth World Cup of all time. Brazil was the host for the 20th World Cup and defeated the home boys of Brazil, 1-7. Germany was expected to go far, but the finals seemed like a distance for the man of the match, Miroslav Klose. He helped the team take a 4-0 lead at half time and took the lead for the leader in all time goals for the World Cup tournament with 16. He took the lead from Ronaldo, also a Brazilian player.

Germany went on to also beat Argentina in a following matchup, continuing a steam train blow out to finish the year. The United States fell short in the first round giving multiple fans an sick feeling with the high hopes they all had. Many players are coming back for their chance to win it all, with the loss of a top notch star Landon Donavan. Landon was one of the top scores all time in United States soccer history.

The 2018 World Cup will be held in Russia. Moscow will be the location for the finales, with events taking places in various near-by cities.


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