Favorite stores for women at Old Orchard Mall, Skokie

Today I am going to share with you my two favorite stores at Old Orchard Mall for women. I am from Skokie, IL and Old Orchard mall is a huge mall with all North Shore stores and it is everyone’s favorite place to shop from where I am from. It offers all different types of stores for all different fashion tastes but my two favorite places are Akira and Nordstrom.

1. Akira

Akira is a high fashion store that you will only find in the Chicago land area and New York City. It carries pieces from sweaters and leggings to high fashion dresses and rompers that you would see on the runway. It is my favorite type of clothes to wear when I go out on the weekends because I love dressing up. They have the cutest leather leggings and crop tops and it is all reasonably priced.


2. Nordstrom

Nordstrom is an awesome store to shop at because it has every single item you would ever need in the fashion world. There is every brand of fashion bags you would need from Longchamp to Steve Madden. They have the biggest selection of shoes you would ever see in a store and their staff is very polite and diligent in helping all their customers. When you go upstairs there is a junior section which appeals to more of my taste and there is a whole sunglasses booth with every RayBan ever made.



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