Favorite store for men at Old Orchard mall in Skokie

In Skokie Illinois one very popular mall that everyone goes to is called Old Orchard mall. Old orchard is filled with many stores for Men and women to go to. Stores that I see a lot of men at are Macys, and Timberland. Macys is a store that has a variety of clothing for everyone such as polo, Levi, and Lacoste. These brands are what men are mostly wearing which attracts them to Macys to shop. With good prices and sales Macys is very successful in attracting men to their clothing brands.


Timberland is also a big favorite place on men’s list to shop when going to old orchard. Timberland has been around for a very long time and has the famous timberland boots that are always on guys list of show fashion. Just recently I started liking Timberland boots and joined the trend. In the winter time most guys are wearing Timberland boots and it will always be trending. Timberland attracts all young adults who like the casual looking boots.



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