Captain America: Civil War first look?

Captain America: Civil War is perhaps one of the most highly anticipated films Marvel has in its works right. The premise of the film will pit Captain America against his former Avenger teammate, Iron Man.

I cannot wait for this film because it simply seems like it’s going to be an epic showdown between two of Marvel’s biggest icons. In the comics, Iron Man agrees that every and all superhero should reveal their secret identities to the world and sign up with the government. Captain America disagrees and leads all rebellion against the idea. This film will possibly bring every single Marvel hero together in one film, including Black Panther and Spider-man( who still has not been announced.) While the film itself is still a few years away, filming has started up and there has been a reported image release of the two new costumes.

Here’s the link to the story:,manual,manual

The suppose designs look really cool and it is still pretty early to know whether or not  these will be the finalized costumes, but if Marvel plans it out well, it sure to be a great movies to see in the years to come.


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