2015 NBA Playoffs

The NBA playoffs started off with a solid core of teams,

Memphis, Portland, San Antonio, LA, Houston, Dallas, Golden State, New Orleans, Toronto, Washington, Chicago, Milwaukee, Cleveland, Boston, Atlanta, and Brooklyn.

These teams all played hard all season to get to the playoffs and their hard work was dully noted, for some it payed off harder than others as the first round was quite entertaining.

Hawks win, 4-2

Cavaliers win, 4-0

Bulls win, 4-2

Wizards win, 4-0

Warriors win, 4-0

Rockets win, 4-1

Clippers win, 4-3

Grizzlies win, 4-1

With the first round over many questions arise in the NBA many surrounding LeBron James and the cavs, The new MVP Steph Curry in Golden State, Bradley Beal and the wizards, Derrick Rose making it the entire second round. The excitement in the NBA and the teams playing for it all is at an all time high right now and you can’t miss a second of it. Tune into TNT, ESPN, and ABC because its just getting started.


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