Makeup Removal Wipes

At times it seems as though it is easier putting on makeup rather than taking it off. I know ladies and sometime some gentlemen we have struggled with getting off that makeup at the end of the night from a long day of wearing it. It is like you have to scrub it all off and then that leaves your face painful in some spots from scrubbing so hard then red in others. But there is a way that can help you whip off that makeup with ease. If you haven’t head of them I do have some new news for you then! Makeup wipes that are a gift from god himself. They wipes off your makeup with ease and leaves your skin feeling clean and soft. I know another problem is not getting all the way within your skin and so that leaves trapped makeup and oil and dirt still in your skin and can cause more breakouts for you.

The product I use is Neutrogena makeup remover cleansing towelettes. They are the basic kinds of wipes but I like them because they don’t irritate my skin and just leaves my skin feeling so clean and also feels like it gets way deep down there in my skin. I say that about this one exactly because my friend had these organic cucumber wipes that I thought would be even better for my skin and face because they are organic and as soon as I used them it make my skin so irritated and itchy and red and so I realized that it wasn’t for my e and that I would of stuck with my makeup whips that are simple and no scents within them and they just work well for me.

After I use then wipes I do still wash my face with face wash and get the access dirt and oil off my face that I probably did miss the first time. The whips still do smell good but I think th4ese do work better because they are gentle and ultra soft that can work in your favor as well definitely if you already have sensitive skin.

makeup wipes

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