Cat Eye Liner. Be Bold or Not?

I am a sucker for a bomb cat eye liner. I think that it adds a sexy look to the face. I love a cat eye liner because it’s tastful an fun to add to your makeup. You can signature your own linear while is also cool. A lot of people have trouble concerning the cat eye look their selves and has a hard time actually doing it and making them even on both side which is a challenge as well for me but all it takes it practice. With everything you do it always takes practice so with this once you just really work with this and keep trying it out you’ll get the hang of it.

There is a trick to this method though, if you just want to get the look without the practices and really taking your time with it I seen on plenty of makeup videos on Youtube that if you put a piece of like scotch tape but make sure that it isn’t as sticky so it doesn’t hurt when you pull it off. Then you place it on the corner of your eyes and at a angle like its going up towards your hairline and then draw the line sort of against it after taking it across the entire eye and once you peel off the tape you’ll see a perfectly aligned line of eyeliner and a perfect cat style.

As someone like me who doesn’t wear a face full of makeup a lot because I honestly just don’t feel like doing it all the time but if I still want to look a little tasteful I would only do my eyebrows and maybe fill those in then do a cat eye with optional at time a little bit of mascara. When I do that it shows a little flavor with my look and not always caking up makeup on my. If you are like me then I think that look will work for you as well because its simple but cute.

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